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So I have acquired a latex upper torso to use with my costume, and I wonder how I can attach this to my latex bodysuit? I was thinking of just glueing it and then painting latex over the entire thing to make it look like one single piece... But I have no experience and I don't want to ruin either piece so if anyone knows that this idea is stupid please tell me. Thanks
As far as the actual bond, clean both pieces with citric acid, then bond the two together with liquid Latex.

Other folks here have had great luck with Contract Adhesive.
I wouldn't suggest trying to stick two dry pieces of latex together with liquid latex. It isn't a glue, and will have trouble bonding.

Rubber cement is what you want. I'd get bestine with it (the thinner) and use it to brush a thin coat on both pieces. Stick them together and they will never come apart. I have a mask I stuck horns on 10 years ago and it's still as strong a bond as the day I did it. To fill any gaps you can use some thickened rubber cement. I'd use fumed silica (cabosil) to thicken it to a paste and fill the seams.
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