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Here's the pair of gauntlets I made a while ago.

The bomb gauntlet:


The blade gauntlet:


They're both made from a pair of soccer shin guards, with various greeblies and foamies glued on. The blades are plastic, and they slide back and forth inside a narrow box under the foamies along the top.

Alas, the bomb gauntlet doesn't open.


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please reply to this very post with the information of were you got the items used and how much they cost


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[quote name='Bo'Skarr' post='290355' date='May 1 2011, 07:58 PM']please reply to this very post with the information of were you got the items used and how much they cost[/quote]

Materials list:

1 pair shin guards--I think they cost about ten bucks.
1 sheet foamies-- 99 cents
1 package electrical conduit tube -- 4 or 5 bucks at Home Depot
4 bamboo barbecue skewers -- 1 or 2 bucks
1 plastic storage bin -- 10 or 12 bucks. If you can scrounge up some thick plastic sheet somewhere, that'll work too.
1 narrow box. I taped mine together from a cut-up plastic pencil box so it was the right size
1 small block of wood or plastic

Total cost around $25-30; cheaper if you're good at scrounging things.

To make the blade assembly:

Cut out your blades from a sheet of plastic, using either snippers or a Dremel. I used the flat sides of a plastic storage bin.

Glue the bamboo skewers along the top of each blade, both sides. These stiffen the blades and stop them from wiggling or wobbling.

Cut the block of wood or plastic juuuust big enough that it will fit inside the long narrow plastic box with the blades attached to the sides. Then glue the blades onto the sides. Put the blade assembly inside the box and close it up. The block should slide up and down snugly inside the box, extending and retracting the blades. Glue a small strip of plastic or wood across the middle of the front opening to stop the blades from sliding all the way and falling out.

Once this is all set up properly, glue the blade box to the top of the shin guard, and then place a layer of cut-out pieces of foamie along the top to cover the box.

Decorate as desired.

For the bomb gauntlet, glue a flat piece of foamie on top of the shin guard; decorate as desired.


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Hey thanks for the idea! Ive been looking forever for gauntlets but never found some that i was able to afford:p This was a great idea and you helped me think of more for a costume! Thank alot again! and good work


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Neat trick using the shin guards as base material - very cool idea - you get a good shape, and strong straps in the mix!
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