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I'm an artists living in the California SF bay area. My days are spent in a studio mainly working on different games and entertainment material. Its a lot of Concept, Character or Environment work, sometimes gameplay design. prototypes or VFX. Its an odd career - you find yourself making Ghost Pirate art or fantasy MMOGs for a few years - then the next project you're making happy hamster characters and playful dancing flowers. Discussing how to make virtual outfits combine in many ways or how to get more characters on the screen at once.<br /> <br />I may get paid to work nearly 100% digital these days, but I love the oldschool hands on sculpting and painting. Breaking out the olde airbrush and working with plastics, latexes and materials. Building Maquettes or doing oldschool vfx is a pleasure I love to endluge.<br />When I come crawing home and the spouse and kids are put to bed - I get to work on my own cool stuff ( translation things: I want to make, the way I wan tthem - LOL)