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  • I just bought a nice old machete that was made in the Czech. I want to make a Sword Art Online Kirito style sword harness for it. Any ideas?
    Nice. I'll look into it.
    Ah, you redecorated! Neat! I moved cross country and did not have internet for about a year. Just now decided to try the Lair.
    OKAY! So I am making a game website( and I can't figure it out. I also need to learn Java.
    Been on the Project Dalek forums a lot recently. I am making an AK-47 for a school project
    I flewww into the wild and fire... I danced and died a thousand times... ~ Dalek Caan
    I want to make a signature for my file that has wristblades above and below my name
    when you posted so much on a thread, someone thinks you will buy a knife you can't afford
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I like to collect various bladed tools. Knives, machetes, tomahawks, swords, etc.
I have been making props for several years.
I am a member of the Predatorium, but that site has gone down hill The creator was banned, the good moderators and admins quit, and most of the good people have left. So, it is time to move on. I still check in on it, sometimes.

I am enlisting into the US Army the end of next March, when I turn 17. I don't expect to have much time to do stuff after that.

My favorite hobby is bushcraft.
Pennsylvania, America
Various odd jobs. Picking berries, mostly.