Unlimited Run Full "Oh LàLà" replica magazine from BTTF 2 with screen accurate content


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Thank you, guys. I'm glad that you received them safe. :)

Sent over the payment for one x
Payment received. Thank you! :)

...I also learned a new German saying today

“ night knocken!!”

I’m guessing “don’t bend” ?? ;)
"Night knocken", sounds great! :lol: Actually it's "Nicht knicken!" which means "Not bend!" (literally translated). The word "knicken" has very likely the same word origin as the English word "kink".

Got mine too. Out of all things i ordered internationally, this time it was torn open by customs. They ripped open the envelope, slashed through the plastic bag and didn't even bother to put the magazines back in bag. I guess the articles was just too intriguing...;)
Thankfully, nothing was damaged(y)

Roland, the print is amazing, top quality prints....thank you.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure, the reason was the articles, not the pictures! :lol: Glad it wasn't damaged!
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these are going to be super rare guys, ive waited a LONG time for Roland to do another run. and during that time he said he wouldn't do another one, so grab them now while the supplies last!!!


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I received mine as well, and they are fantastic! They arrived in pristine condition and the quality of the mags are great! Do not miss out on the chance to get in on this runs while it lasts!


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Since it's not your fault, here's my offer: The 14 buyers that already paid, will get twice the amount of their ordered magazines. The corrected ones of course. Sorry for the longer wait! That's so annoying!
Wow I missed this.

My magazines arrived today and I was surprised to receive 2 copies and thought maybe it was a mistake, thinking I got someone else's package by mistake.

Thank you very much for the magazine and this offering, much appreciated. I'll post a picture of my old one (signed by James Tolkan) and this new one when I have a chance.

The magazines arrived in perfect condition, superb work as usual Roland, well done.


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Got mine! Looks great! The print is so slightly better than the last run, but I have to say I find them a bit too stiff, the last book was more magazine like which I preferred but they are both amazing :p