Done / Completed Full "Oh LàLà" replica magazine from BTTF 2 with screen accurate content


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I'm offering a full 32-page "Oh LàLà" replica magazine from "Back to the Future" part 2. The magazine is professionally offset printed by a printing house, not just a cheap home printing.

Just as the original "Oh LàLà" magazine, my replica contains the same 25 different pages: 18 pages with 21 different glamour photos, 2 pages with drawings and 5 pages with text only. Some pages are repeated one or several times. All photos were made by the famous American glamour photographer Peter Gowland. The entire content of my replica is 100 % screen accurate.

Here are some preview pictures of my replica (you will get an uncensored version, of course ;) ):

ohlala1.jpg ohlala2.jpg ohlala3.jpg ohlala4.jpg ohlala5.jpg ohlala6.jpg ohlala7.jpg

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I can pay you in €uro ?

Yes, of course. You can use the currency converter on for the exchange rate. :)

payment sent for x2! thanks roland!!
Just sent payment for 2. ;)

Payments received. Thank you! :)

Sorry. Was so excited that I forgot to cover shipping. I sent an additional payment for shipping.

I didn't even notice. I've only seen that you paid. Thanks for your honesty! :)

Oooh. I'll grab one when I get my next paycheck for sure.

There's no rush. I have enough copies for everyone. ;) Thanks for your interest!


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Hi Roland. I purchased you a magazine in your 1st run, but now I want 2 more for friends. Is that $42 including shipping to Spain? Thanks a lot!

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