Foundation Faster Than Light Ship (civil version) - FINISHED


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Building a 3D model of fantastic Apple TV Foundation serie. Fell in love with the ship design and the idea of a kind of singularity/black hole in the middle of the ship.
The Model will be a 3D printed kit. Also planed to bei lite up, so modeling the shape an details will only the first step on a long road…
Started with the inner ring with the windows…

264808451_3199481293608269_4446464548604963359_n_3199480953608303.jpg 264840271_3199481323608266_8920429526094667962_n_3199480986941633.jpg
and the basic shape of the ship.

264833455_3199481366941595_6147367402671997050_n_3199481026941629.jpg 264818224_3199481390274926_6773772818175361806_n_3199481076941624.jpg

First panellines

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I really like the design of those ships. They actually made 3D prints for the show that they scanned and then tweaked for the CG assets.


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There are quit a view differences between the CGI and the physical models they made. I've tweaked and rebuild the bridge sections 3 times before I got the shape right (hopfully).
Here some evolution pictures:
ftl-ship8.jpg ftl-ship9.jpg ftl-ship10.jpg

And the final version of the bridge:
ftl-ship11.jpg ftl-ship12.jpg

Also worked out some details


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