36 inch Serenity Firefly ship TV version.


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I am currently working on a 36 inch Serenity Firefly ship, TV version. Any input on colors and painting guide would be greatly appreciated.


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I love how it looks so far! For colors, I have no specific knowledge. But for my recent Aliens-related paint projects I found that using a program like Potplayer to go through the source material frame by frame can be really helpful. It wouldn't surprise me if some aspects of the Serenity were different in Firefly than in Serenity, so I'd check both. Also, check ground scenes in Firefly, so you can use their physical exterior set color references. I'd start with The Train Job, because there was a lot of daylight shots both on the ground and flying.

Also, to whatever extent it matters, the only physical model of Serenity was used in the crash landing scene at the end of Serenity. So if that is different than the CG models you could have a choice to make on which way to go.

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