Found!!! Obi ANH 'Gear'!!!


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So here's Killdozer's post:

Originally posted by Killdozer@Oct 17 2005, 07:44 PM
I did some research on the dart today and I'm now pretty sure that the back half of the propeller spinner was used both on the Death Star Gun (in front of the impeller) and as a little table in the back of Ben's hut. Anyone have the wide angle set shot of the hut by chance?

Anyway, this research led to looking at a whole lot of pics, whic led to looking at a whole lot of other pics.

I think this thread is about to get a LOT bigger. ;)



Very cool. I looked at machine guns awhile back, I had thought this made sense as a machine gun part--but all the guns I saw had 'lathe-wise' ribbing, this is the first I've seen with a 'gear' shaped heat-sink.

I hope this is one of the ones that people sell parts for. :D
You know, it's funny but a few years ago I was one of the only people who believed it was a heat sink. At the time, I thought it was a heat sink for an electric motor (like an RC or small appliance), or maybe from a large piece of electrical equipment.

Everyone thought I was crazy, I looked all over the web for pics, this was the best I could find:

It's nice to know I was right.

So, important questions:

Make and model, availability, does anyone have any good gun dealers/suppliers/experts in the field?
JK we thought you were crazy for thinking it was a motor heat sink when none could be found which approached the prop in size and specs. :D

I doubt anyone said it wasn't a heat sink. That was right around the time I was looking at machine guns in exploded drawings. ;)

But close is no cigar, it is Killdozer who appears to have made a spectacular find here. :)

So let's coordinate research on this one with Killdozer shall we? I've made some inquries (shame on me but I'm dying of curiosity) and have PM'd KD with their names.
Oh my.. if that proves to be the real part, i dont see myself visiting this board any longer since all the parts are found :lol
Totally Killdozer- awesome find.

I'm just happy to see it's a heatsink and not a 'gear' like everyone believed for so long- even I gave up on thinking it was a heat sink.

I had given up and was currently looking at gears in motion picture camera mounts thinking it might be in there somewhere.

I'd love to see if anyone has any contacts and can get some better pics of this thing.
What exactly are the parts pictured and how big are they? Looks a tad too large to be the gear IMO.
I believe it was someone from Icons who first told me it was a heat sink. They had said it was from some custom electronics application though. I wonder if they had just messed up what Bapty may have told them.

Regarding KD's awesome discovery-
I did a little quick searching, but figured I'll wait fo KD to tell us exactly what gun that is.

DCB - Right now he's just teasing us with a pic. I hope he'll tell us more soon.
Size wise it looks perfect to me and finding it on a gun makes sense.

Again the line is blurred concerning who exactly built the sabers.
I'm speechless, KD. YOU DA MAN. :D

So of course I immediately e-mailed my MG81 source about this - the barrels seem to be paired together in an aircraft turret configuration (but on second glance they look like two separate guns: the barrel on the left appears closer to the camera), and since the MG81 is also a German aircraft machine-gun, chances are he may be able to score one of these for us as well - keep your fingers crossed. :)

- Gabe
Originally posted by lonepigeon@Oct 18 2005, 01:38 AM
I did a little quick searching, but figured I'll wait fo KD to tell us exactly what gun that is.

I did a little searching also and will follow suit and let KD break the news... Here is another pic though...

That's looks to be it :)

Excellent. Can we put this baby to bed now? Finally, after all these years :D

Like you Chris, I had always been told it was a heat sink. Congrats to Killdozer for finding the one.

You guys are crazy. All of these finds in just the past few months... have all of you been cryogenically frozen since '77, just waiting to be thawed out to begin your part quest?

I commend all of you who have sifted through thousands upon thousands of pics, looking for just the right piece or part. It's incredible what some of you can do :D
I really hope that's it....BUT

The second picture shows the fins a bit better, and the tips look too thick.

Here's hoping they are not as thick as they appear.

Originally posted by Romans Empire@Oct 18 2005, 05:42 AM
The second picture shows the fins a bit better, and the tips look too thick.
If you look throughout the picture though, the pixels are double thickness in a lot of areas due to compression or enlargement of a low-res pic.

I do think this forum should have a hall of fame section to honour those who have discovered prop components.

Can we swear in this forum? I've got some obscene explanatives for just this happy occasion. :p

Great find.. I'd better start SAVING.

I knew that this was the Year of the 'GEAR'.

Good jod KD, maybe at Christmas we will all have perfect obi replicas under the tree :angel
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