Found!!! Obi ANH 'Gear'!!!


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I just can't believe it. The emitter and the gear found, so close together? It's bizarre. Amazing work, AGAIN. And thank you so much.


Darth Lars

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:eek :eek :eek

Congratulations, Killdozer. That really looks like the one, with the wire even. :confused Find out what gauge that is.
And to think that I missed that a few weeks ago when I was staring at guns like crazy... :$


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thats it,

the parts are there,

i want replicas now... not excuses.

general serafino... prepare your men for a large run. :lol

the circle is now truly complete...

if that aint it its DEFFINATELY on the right track and too close to tell its not, just from the pics...

awesome work to killdozer and crew.

this will be a day long remembered. :cheers


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OK... OK.... I've followed many paths leading to dead ends, but if Serafino is excited enough to REPOST my discover, I guess I'm finally on the right track. :lol

The caliber I know: .303 a UK standard, and apparently, in my research so far, uncommon.

I tried to do some scaling of exoray's fine photo (which I can't believe. the one I posted was the best I could find.), but without success. However, here's a pic which made me go "ah hah.", or at least, "not bad.":


Now, nobody wants a blowup like on the flash hider thread. I don't particularly care if I get an original part myself, but let's all play nice for now, and not flood potential suppliers with emails. I've started a list of contacts-- PM me if you'd like to participate this way.

Thanks may not quite be in order yet, but I wouldn't have gotten this far without the TOP NOTCH cooperation of you lot.



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I am far from an ammunitions expert, but would a .303 make a decent anti-aircraft round. I know it was used for the enfields (shown in the picture in that link), but I would think those big guns would use something like the british equivalent of the 50 cal. (and it looks like there's a strip of them near the .303s)

Those guns are definitely not anti-personnel. If anything, they'd be either anti-armor or anit-aircraft. And if it's the latter, either plane mounted or tri-pod or trailer mounted (for a mobile platform), probably in groups of four.

Just a thought.



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Note the asymmetry of the 'tooth' ends.... So much for my "cut and filed" theory :lol

SCORE..... Great find Barry.