Force awakens Star Destroyer


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Just theorizing...but I could see in the post-Death Star universe, traditional Star Destroyers piggybacking onto a larger payload section strictly used for more TIEs/ground assault equipment/Stormtroopers...which could possibly then be deployed to a planet itself for unloading its payload (the goofy front being a loading ramp type of thing).

Then when it needed to be picked up, the SD could use a tractor beam for both attracting and repelling the payload section to and from the planet, sparing the use of extra fuel and engines to get it off the ground.

Just dreamin'. :)

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I got that book it was rubbish :)

But a bit more reference has appeared online since force friday

Top Image rendered ( off a wall sticker)


And a better blue print not complete though


You can get a better set of blue prints but it appears you have to buy a tshirt !


Still no good reference from the underside, I got a micro machines model its not ideal ..



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Is it me, or does this look like it's supposed to be a heavily modified ISD?
The engine block looks almost identical to me, while the bow and the "house" on top seem to be the main changes.

Then again, I'm not one of the guys who've scrutinized the studio scale models.

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Past the general shape its really totally different then the main SD - even if you just take the top part.

But what I really think about this beast is that its frikkin' awesome. I hope it kicks butt in the film and is not there for only 2 seconds.

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I just don't get the tall wings on the shuttle that don't appear to move at all. Eh, maybe it will grow on me when I see the movie.


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Wait, this just hit me. The SD name is actually Finalizer.

Okay. I was a little worried when they put JJ and his boys in charge. The things I'd seen lately eased my fears, now I'm back to being worried.

As for the shuttle, I'm betting the upright wings fold down so that they're even with the lower portion of the ship. I say that because it looks like the doodlie where the guns terminate has a gap. The only reason I see for that is so that the wings fold down and it has more of a flying wing look to it.


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The wings of the shuttle do fold down, if you look at the second trailer around 1:18 you can see them in a different angle.


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Are there any toys out of the shuttle? What do the wings do on the Lego version?

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i've yet to see a toy with anything but static vertical wings... I'm curious as to what angle the shuttles wings go to, but they for sure angle out at least a bit in flight