Foil tape for RESIN pulse rifle grenades


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Every sick day needs a project. I've been nursing the remnants of a flu since thrusday. Today I woke up very late in the day thanks to medication, and got bored quick. We're pakcing for Atlanta (where I am moving in 4 weeks) but I needed to goof around with something. Here I am :)

SO, a good friend of mine gives me three resin grenades when he moves. He says "I have a buttload of Tom's aluminum ones, never did anything with these, want em? I'm throwing them out if not."

"YES." I reply with a grin. Because I only have two of Tom's grenades. After getting them I recognize them as "golden armor" grenades, and some with no "primers" on them, so I pulled somesilver primers off of a few shotgun shells to make that work.

Initially my intention was to primter, then paint with Dupli-color chrome. Then it struck me that HEY, I bet foil tape would help them look cooler. So I ran up to the hardware store and got some.

And here is a couple with the shotgun shell parts on it. I will be replacing the dimpled primer with somehting else eventually.

Now my plane is to "undercoat" them with the dupli-color chrome, then apply this tape over that. I think the results will be pretty good. Expect to see those results posted on sunday or monday.



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That's the same thing I did on my Boba fett Jetpack buckle

apply the tape & smooth it out

then cut off the excesson the curved part with an X-acto knife.


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then cut off the excesson the curved part with an X-acto knife
Hey, that turned out nice looking. Even has a bit of texture.

The one problem I have with foil tape is that you can easily put a dent in it with your fingernail, but it kind of gives the grenades a scratched look when you do, so it's not so bad.

The foil tape is obviously more reflective than the real deal aluminum grenades too.