Firefox MIG-31 movie aircraft


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Ric, as a fan of the movie and aircraft it's really good to hear of your intentions to build a scratch build 1/6 Firefox. As with others here I wish you well with this!
And may I say, very nice Gant doll.

Per comments from Jamesfett and bwayne64, can I suggest starting your own thread on this topic, I'd love to see what you come up with.

Unlike your prefered approach this thread seems to be for a model that is 3D printed, not built up.

The owner of this thread hasn't posted much of late and is obviously busy with life. But we very much look forward to his eventual return as it is of great interest to many here, including myself.
And I'm more interested in Firefox3d's effort to achieve an accurate Studio Scale model when there are few references publicly available, rather than the construction techniques in this instance.

Others are probably here for the 3D printing which is totally fine.

I used to think much the same as you in regard to scratch building and hand made which was my prefered techniques. Now I use both modern and traditional, and modern is not always the quickest or easiest.

Trying to argue the choice of materials is a bit pointless. I'd be impressed if it were from exotic alloys and composite materials like I'd imagine the Firefox, but it's just a model. In the end it only needs to please the builder.

Ultimately, we all work with materials and skills that we possess, prefer or wish to pursue. Sometimes it's more about the journey.

I really look forward to seeing your build thread asap!

Best regards,


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