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I never realized that the James Bond intro sequence with the swirling pattern was actually rifling of a gun barrel until now! I thought it was just a trippy mid-60's graphical effect. Gorgeous realization of the Samaritan!!


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Freaking gorgeous. I was wondering if you'd go with paint or blackening. Its got that nice uneven finish that makes it look real. I've been tempted to strip my Sideshow one and try blackening it but Im guessing its made of various metals that would make that have issues.


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Just started watching this yesterday and enjoying every bit. On the screen as I type this is the leather belt you're building. Phenomenal stuff and just plain awesome!
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The finished inner compartments of the case being seated into the frame might've been the most satisfying thing I've seen all year, lol.


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I don't know how I missed this thread, but this is really amazing work! Like many others have said, that weathering is beautiful! These pictures make everything pop and I can't get enough of it. I finished your most recent video not too long ago and thought this was from that reveal, lol.

As an aside your videos inspired me to try and start up a nerdy prop/accoutrements business. Keep up the awesome work!

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