[FINISHED] Fallout Power Armor


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Major update: I'm finished!

After seeing it all on I'm both glad and disappointed in a few ways, the main issue being that the bottom half is not bulky enough, and the top half may be too bulky. Anyway I don't have time to ramble today, let me know what you think, as per usual, here are some awful-quality pictures.

NGI7ggK.jpg 8H4catY.jpg

Try to remember this was rushed, and was finished 1 week before my driving lessons start, and with 1 glue stick and a quarter of a sheet of foam left. I wanted to keep it low budget and avoid spending any more as I was so close. As a first build I'm happy, I'll learn from the mistakes I made, and the next project will not be as rushed, if that time ever comes.

I plan on getting better pictures, and taking it for a walk around MCM for an hour or two. I'll probably go over with a clear coat of spray paint before I do that, and I do have glove-plates, I just couldn't find them at the time. Keep an eye out for more pictures.

Thanks guys, hope to hear some feedback.

Everything quoted below is the old original post.

I have 96 days to complete this suit. Because of that, I'm going to be rushing this. There will be many inaccuracies and flaws, but considering the game is not out yet, I'm guessing not many people are that familiar with the suits design anyway. The important thing is that it's recognisable.

After the event I may decide to perfect my design and fix it, or I might just sell it on, I just really want it for this one weekend.

For the record, I'm based in the UK, so buying casts is probably out of the question, and my choice of supplies is probably limited compared to your own.

Anyway I won't waste any more time. Let's get started:

This is the view from the front. I've replaced the beige plates on side of the chest with the reversed foam to give a different texture, that's me being lazy. I haven't got my hands on any handles yet, but they're on the list and will be added eventually. The big square chestplate as a whole is removable. In fact it's basically impossible to put on without removing the chest plate and the armpit-panels.Beneath is a basic harness-type deal that's part of the backpack. The front plate is attached by two clips and 2 strips of velcro to keep it straight. As a bonus, the front plate has plenty of storage space on the inside, possibly for fans or supplies.

This is just a more close up view of the shoulder pad. Added a few extra foam details to cover up a few blemishes. I have no idea where the dent came from, but I actually like it. This thing is gonna need some battle damage, so I'll leave it as is. The rings were made separately from foam layered between two pieces of Grey-board* and smoothed off with some filler. The stripes are just thin strip of EVA foam, sealed up with Caulk.**

This is the view from the back. The majority of this was actually made from a sign. I'll explain more below.
More usage of caulk here, which I'll explain also. For the two canisters on the backpack I just sliced a water bottle down the middle. The circular handle is in progress, and the pipes, handles and hoses will be purchased and attached later on. (Should I add accessories before or after paint?) More pointless foam details to make it look interesting of course, no time to be accurate.

I'm currently running low on supplies, but I'm paid today so I'm ordering some more foam, glue & clips and will be working on the suit more next week.

That's all I have for now, I'm probably going to work on the arms next. I'll explain a few things below before I leave you guys though.

*Grey-Board / the sign: Basically I work in a shop, and every few months we change all of our displays and posters, and the old stuff gets sent off for recycling. A lot of cardboard goes to waste here, but what caught my eye is a different type of cardboard. This stuff is a sign that's part of the shop displays, made from thick 2mm card, it's like 20 sheets of cardstock that have been compressed into one slab of card.

Not sure if you guys use this much, but for those who don't know, it comes in a tube and is used for sealing caps in corners. For example, your bathtub probably has a silicone strip around it sealing the gap between the bathtub and the wall. It's similar to that, it's flexible so it works great on foam.

Advice, constructive criticism, tips and tricks is welcome and appreciated here.

Thanks for your time guys,​


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Re: Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armour. [FOAM]

you read my mind and stole my questions :confused.......lol suits looking great


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Re: Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armour. [FOAM]


I have made progress on a helmet, but right now it's a giant blob of filler, so I won't bother sharing until it's looking like something.

I have rushed, sealed & primed both arms. Ready for paint.


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Re: Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armour. [FOAM]

Big update time:

I decided to hold off on any more suit progress until the helmet was at the painting stage, I felt the suit was coming together on schedule, but didn't want the Helmet to be a last minute rush. I can rush foam, I can't rush filler.

Anyway I went with a non-toxic method here. The reinforcement is similar to the fibreglass method, but with PVA in place of resin, and enevlope paper in place of Fibreglass. The filler was a basic tube of "Instant Plaster Filler". I was concerned about the strength but It's basically solid. Very happy with the result.


As you can see, the three mouth-pieces on the front have been removed, I have bottle-lids and accessories put aside for those later, everything else has been smoothed out quite nicely. there are still little holes and scratches that need to be filled, but I need a bit of battle damage anyway.

I'm about to go and prime it now, as a coat of color is useful for locating mistakes. Once smoothed, I'll add the mouth piece accessories, fill the gaps & smooth those off as well, then consider getting a coat of real paint done. I'll also need to locate some accessories, as there are a fair few on the helmet.

If I add paint soon, it will only be the base metallic coat, I won't be ageing & weathering until the entire suit is painted, I want the weathering to match up, so it makes sense to do it all at the same time.

I apologise for the picture quality. If you're seeing any messy parts of the filler I can assure you they are either going to be covered by accessories, or are from where sanding has gone through to the pepakura, it looks messy but is still smooth. It's hard to tell, which is why I want it primed.

Here she is, primed. I have to say I'm really happy, with both the result, and the mistakes. A layer of primer has made it start to look real, but more importantly, it's ALOT easier to notice any mistakes or blemishes. So I'll be going back at it with the filler over the net day or two to fix some parts up, while working on the accessories too. Very pleased with how this is looking now.
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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

Not proud of a triple post, but my thread's been buried and I have another update on the helmet!


My paint is available tommorrow, as well as the hoses and the visor. The helmet is almost complete.


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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

Awesome! I really love your house hold stuff approach for the detailing! I've started a T-60b Armor / T-45d helmet build myself some weeks ago as well, guess I will try to go a similar route when I'm at that point. (Right now the base of the helmet is mostly done, but it's on hold since I have to rework my HEV suit for a carnival event at the end of this month. But after that I will go back to the power armor...)

Looking forward to more progress of your armor! :)


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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

Thanks for the support! Well the helmet is now 'finished'. My visor should arrive this weekend, there are a few little details I'll neaten up with a small paintbrush, I need to reposition the tubes on the side an the shoulder pads, as they connect a bit when I turn my head.

Anyway here it is:
Today I found out that I suck ass at painting. Like everything else in this project though, this is a rush job so I'm going to let it go for now, this is my first project and it's a rush job too. Expecting perfection from this would be too optimistic.
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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

Don't be too hard on yourself. It. Looks good in the picture
Thanks, it was just one of the better pics though, it looks a bit patchy in the wrong light. Anyway here it is finished with the pipes tied down and the visor installed along with some basic padding.



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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

I'm not familiar with fallout but that helmet is really cool design, one of the better looking helmets/masks ive seen with tubes on it. Good job recreating it!


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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

Alright the paint job has been done on the chest piece, although it needs a bit of touching up.

Overall I'm really happy with how it's looking though.



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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

looks great! what did you use for the visor?

Good question!

We have some art supplies laying around the house and I found some 'acetate' sheet which is basically an A4 clear sheet of flexible plastic.

Anyway I went on eBay and picked up some window tint. You can buy a 99p a5 sample and conveniently I only needed about half of that. I went for the darkest one, stuck it over the acetate sheet and cut out a visor shape. Be careful to look out for air bubbles.

Just to be clear it is NOT car window tint. It is the privacy 1-way tint for your house windows, the car tint just darkens everything, the 1-way tint blacks out completely when there is less light on one side, kinda like the ones in interview rooms. They also do silver and white tint, maybe more.


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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

There are some great vids on dry brushing if you're concerned about the paint job. You can really make things stand out by using just a tiny bit of white on edges (or even a grayish color lighter than the base).

I think it looks great the way it is! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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Re: Fallout 4 Custom Power Armor & Helmet

Okay so a big important update today, I am pleased to say I am way ahead of schedule and In terms of actual construction I am at 100%.

So you've seen the completed helmet and chest piece, the last time you saw the arms they were a bit plain so I have added a bit more detail, those are away at the moment so I'll be sure to grab a picture of them at some point.

Since my last update I have made the stomach plate, the codpiece, the thighs, the shins and the boots! That means the only thing left is the gloves and the gun, both of which I'm buying and painting. Here the picture is.


So next up is the gloves, weapon, paint & strapping. Then I'm all done! Although I'd like to get a mannequin at some point though that's not too important, I can do that whenever. Other than that small list I need to finish my driving lessons and pass my test though, no way I can get a suit all the way to London without my own ride.

So yeah, thanks for the support guys, it seems like my time limit was not an issue. Apparently if you put your head down you can do a lot of foam work in a small amount of time, and I'm no perfectionist.
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