Fine Molds Slave I arrives!

Boba Flint

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Lookie what the mail man brought me this afternoon.

If you were shocked by the amount of decals that came with the Jedi Starfighter, get ready to be shocked again.


Here it is next to my TIE Interceptor so you can get an idea of the scale.

And the painting guide.
Got mine as well today. 5 days from Japan to the Middle East, not bad.

Great molding, the only flash is on the Jango figure and that minimal.


Damn that looks really good. I am finishing up my FM Tie right now, adding decals today and already finsihed the weathering. I really want on of those, but I have been spending too much time away from my CC X-Wing and it is feeling neglected.

Not to mention I have Steve's SS Tie on the way and the wife has put the foot down that there are no more to be started until I start finishing some of the ones on my workbench. She has a point, so I will wait til I can get one off ebay for a reasonable price. Looks killer though.

Thanx to JEDI DADE for the link.
However,my wife has suspended all of my buying priveledges due to our bank account dropping faster than lead balloon.
As I mentioned in the "Fine molds Slave 1" thread,DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED.

I guess my signature below needs to be changed
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