Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Gellert Grindelwald costume


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After watching the movie, Grindelwald's costume looks even more simple and elegant than in the teasers. So I did a lot of research the last week and it turns out, Grindelwald's coat is a slightly altered officer's coat of the german navy:

View media item 34305View media item 34304
They just removed the original buttons and the backpiece of the collar.

the shirt seems to be a generic off-white shirt, but the trousers are kinda special, no information on that matter until now. He also wears a green vest in the film, which i did not manage to track down either.

Does anyone recognize the buttons on the coat? I checked several button suppliers in germany, but i could'nt find anything close. I assume they are specially made. Would be nice, if anyone has a hint, though.


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It would be very interesting to find out more about the details of the buttons, but you really can't make out much from the pictures that I've seen. They seem to have a pentagon enclosing a circle in the center...perhaps a Deathly Hallows symbol? I would definately imagine they were custom made for the character though.
Grindelwald buttons.jpg


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yeah, i think we have to wait until the blu-ray comes out, so we can have some high-res pictures.

If they are totally custom made, maybe one can sculpt and cast them, i will probably give it a shot.

I will post an update when the coat arrives, will take a few weeks i suppose, though.
Here's some other good photos of the costume (some from the film, some from advertising, and some from events). There really is no clear photos of the buttons, though you can see them more in some than others.

I read that Johnny Depp was hugely involved in the design of the character's appearance, which is interesting.

upload_2018-11-25_15-36-45.png upload_2018-11-25_15-37-0.png upload_2018-11-25_15-37-11.png upload_2018-11-25_15-37-24.png


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Après avoir regardé le film, le costume de Grindelwald est encore plus simple et élégant que dans les teasers. J'ai donc fait beaucoup de recherches la semaine dernière et il s'avère que le manteau de Grindelwald est un manteau d'officier légèrement modifié de la marine allemande:

[GALLERY = media, 34305] Gellert Grindelwald par MikO posté le 23 novembre 2018 à 14:52 [/ GALLERY] [GALLERY = media, 34304] Coat by MikO posté le 23 novembre 2018 à 14:52 [/ GALLERY]

Ils viennent de retirer les boutons d'origine et le dos du col.

la chemise semble être une chemise blanc cassé générique , mais le pantalon est un peu spécial, aucune information à ce sujet jusqu'à présent. Il porte également un gilet vert dans le film, que je n'ai pas réussi à retrouver non plus.

Quelqu'un reconnaît-il les boutons du manteau? J'ai vérifié plusieurs fournisseurs de boutons en Allemagne, mais je n'ai rien trouvé de proche. Je suppose qu'ils sont spécialement fabriqués. Ce serait bien, si quelqu'un a un indice, cependant.
The button

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