wizarding world

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  1. MarzDumore

    Death Eater replica costume

    Lumos! Hi all! Last year I've bought my own Death Eater replica cosplay. I finally can say that I've done my research well. I've seen almost the whole world wide web for as much as accurate costume pics I could find. (I've listed all the pictures on this website) After many of hours looking...
  2. IMG_20200301_143226.jpg


    My full size mooncalf!
  3. RJN

    Quidditch Trunk Parts

    I thought I'd practice my paint techniques for the 'metal' parts of the quidditch trunk replica I'm making. I made the rings and the lock plate from grey board (card) and painted them with acrylics to look like old/tarnished metal. I've included a couple of 'before' images.
  4. RJN

    Quidditch Trunk

    I am planning on attempting to make a full size replica Quidditch trunk. I am basing it off the quaffle available from Warner Brother's Studio Tour. I'm a bit stuck on the dimensions of the actual box. Anyone who's made a replica, what dimensions did you use for the box? Any help would be much...
  5. RJN

    Azkaban Prison Number

    Finished replica of an Azkaban prison number, featuring the details of Bellatrix Lestrange. The ‘metal’ casing is made from plywood, grey board and tissue. All cut by hand. I did the lettering/numbers on the insert by hand. All painted with acrylics. Just needs a chain really.
  6. MymlanOhlin

    What would be inside Harry Potter's trunk?

    I'm a graphic designer and have been working on some trunk interiors for some of the Harry Potter kids. This means I've been sitting just thinking about what each character would have in their trunk. A Chudley Cannons poster in Ron's is a given, as is a stack of the Quibbler in Luna's...
  7. MikO

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Gellert Grindelwald costume

    After watching the movie, Grindelwald's costume looks even more simple and elegant than in the teasers. So I did a lot of research the last week and it turns out, Grindelwald's coat is a slightly altered officer's coat of the german navy: Gellert Grindelwald by MikO posted Nov 23, 2018 at 2:52...

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