Can someone shed some light on the duster coat from Richard Stanley’s DUST DEVIL (1992) ?


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Ever since I first saw Richard Stanley’s DUST DEVIL (1992) I’ve been really fascinated with the title character and his mysterious looking ”duster coat”.

I know duster coats arent uncommon but does anyone have a clue as to what those things on his back are? I always thought they looked like black bones but I dont recall they ever being explained and I cant find anything similar when I search for duster coats.

I suppose it could be a custom design but it seems weird that they were never explained.


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Bones have been used as decorations on garments forever. In this film I expect they are not just for decorations but for a more ritualistic purposes since the film includes concepts of shift-shifters and shamans. Bones have a place in both ancestor magic and animal magic rituals, often representing "protection" or the "persistence of life or spirit". There are also beliefs where the incorporation of the bones of one's defeated enemies impart the victorious warrior with the strength or other attribites of the conquered. I had not seen this approach of using the running red leather strip down the back to lace objects into place. I personally will probably not use it with bones but I really like the effect.

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