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Hi all - I'm new to the forum's so I hope it's cool to ask for help such an early stage...

I'm planning on making a replica of the Alien Blaster from the video game 'Fallout 3' (highly recommended, if you're into such things :) and was looking for a little assistance. I'm planning on making a rough version from scavenged parts and then creating a mould, my question would be, based on the pictures below, is anyone aware of a toy gun that has similar specifications that I can use as a starting point? Or any other items you can suggest that may fit the design...

Am also planning to try to implement the side loading energy cell idea from the game, which can be seen in this video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jbjx9R5QPs

Lastly, any other good faq type thread suggestions for new members would be really helpful :) View attachment 82824

View attachment 82825

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I knew that I had seen something similar in that gun before. The handle/grip and trigger assembly are very similar to Dasiy's 1930's Buck Rogers Atomic Disintegrator Pistol.

Good luck in finding one. They are vintage collectables and fetch a pretty penny and you wouldn't want to destroy one, but it may give a direction to go in.


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You're right, there are some strong similarities there, many thanks. I see this gun has been re-released in a very cool colector's box - would pick it up if I had a bit more money to spare...

Thanks for the reply :)


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Just to ask one further question on prop ethics before I properly start, my intention is to find parts that work from existing toy guns, water pistols etc, as well as bottles, tubes, dials etc from whatever source works, but since I may be using parts of someone's original gun design, would this be considered ok?

I certainly have no intention of making more than one for personal display and costume use, so wouldn't be looking to profit in any way. Assumed it was ok, but after doing a bit more research on the forums and reading some stuff about recasting I wanted to check...


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If anything, it would be Bethesda, or whomever owns the right to the content of Fallout. But I can't see them getting up in arms if you make this, cast up a few, sell a few here. I'd avoid selling on Ebay.

Even if you found a decent shaped starting point gun, you'll still be making a lot of changes to it so, again, you should be ok.

Heh, that gun was fun!!


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That's a good point, I hadn't even considered Bethesda - pretty dumb of me... Appreciate the reply and, yep, very satisfying turning mutants into dust :)

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Wow, I was thinking about doing one of these as well. click subscribe. Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)