Factory Entertainment Man With The Golden Gun Solex Agitator


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Ordered mine.

Always wanted to try my hand at making one of these but never had the time so I pre-ordered this one.

Overall, at first glance, it seemed quite nice but, as others have mentioned, the interior leaves a LOT to be desired.

Looks like I still need to fabricate my own version. Here is a comparison photo.
007-GG_Solex Agitator-Rep (3).jpg
007-GG_Solex Agitator-Rep (5).jpg

A special 'Shout-out' to my friend, Marc who, using as many of the real component parts as he was able to ID - made the best replica I've seen so far. I need to take a few lessons from him! -Ed
007-GG_Solex-Rep (2).jpg
I never understood why companies who have the resources to produce a quality prop, find a way to eff it up. I mean, yeah RPF knowledge is deep, but sometimes even a google search would have helped them out.
Well those are some vintage parts pre 74 so prob HTF. However the Circuits could have been recreated better, and I know they can do it
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Really? They couldnt source some standard carbon and fireproof resistors and 2 diodes? Even the relay contact wouldnt be that much effort to make look semi real.
I work in electronics. There are easily available modern equivalents of all those parts that look the same and cost nothing. For a licensed prop replica that's pretty sad looking.

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