Hands on Flux Capacitor from Factory Entertainment

This was the response, and unfortunately it looks like its expected which is just a very poor design. I replied back that this could be avoided with a simple On/Off switch, for them to recommend that I add a insulation tab to the battery compartment is simply ridiculous.

Has anyone who has one tested battery life while not in use?

From Factory:

Thanks for reaching out, our warehouse did receive the unit and has gone through the process of testing. Your unit is operating as expected and we have found no issues with the battery. Battery life itself will depend on use, but in standby (off) the batteries will still be active once installed due to the nature of the design, specifically the RF remote.

In summary, the Flux Capacitor is waiting for a command from the remote and is never truly in standby once a power source (AC or battery) is connected. On battery, the average life should be around 15 days, but that largely depends on operational frequency.

In this situation your best bet would be to use the included AC power supply or, while not in use, adding an insulation tab to extend the battery life.
Would something like this be helpful with the battery issue?

Screen Shot 2024-05-04 at 8.02.44 PM.png
Yes if the other 5 were dummies that could work, but at that rate I can just use the plug as well - I have a huge battery back with an AC outlet.

Has anyone who has one tested battery life while not in use besides me?

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