Ewok mask


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I had plans to make an Ewok mask from the method of Stuart Freeborn. I Went from 0 and I just made it based on producing photos.

- Sculpting clay mask
- Create mold with silicone and fiberglass
- Drawing latex mask
- Test paint with half ball (40mm)
- Create under mask in fiberglass
- Create teeth (resin)
- Create ear (sculpting clay/resin ear, latex mold, drawing silicone ear)
1555279_10205366568704554_119538576362228780_n.jpg 10959744_10205380670697095_3293545171744270967_n.jpg 10984630_10205426696047700_6476708091735401735_n.jpg 10959320_10205380669537066_1244030268092404654_n.jpg 1506812_10205461119108255_2944854879977418925_n.jpg 10989164_10205426696327707_3992752143563239725_n.jpg 10959315_10205380670297085_301885616247886807_n.jpg

To be continued ...


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The half ball was a plastic ball like this with rosone paint :

I'm working on the mask, paint and I received my test fur:


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He looks great that was fast too!

Stuart could have used you in the shop for sure!! :thumbsup


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Could you link to the "rosone paint"

I can't find a tinting that works properly and I have tried Window Tints and Spray tints but nothing is working. There is no visibility in the pieces.

My next step is to buy some tinted domes used with security cameras unless I can find a paint alternative.

Any suggestions?
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