EWOK build


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Thanks for your reply. I am still having trouble finding the right tint for the eyes. The stuff I have folds all over the place. Canadian tire just has regular non flexible tint Do you know the exact product you used and where you got it? Any help would be appreciated!

If you want to pay for it, I'll get it here and send it to you, just pay for product and shipping.


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Hi again,
If I can't find it in Calgary ill take you up on that offer:) Do you have a pic of the packaging of your tint or at least it's name and where you got it? Was it Walmart auto department? The stuff I got is Gila brand 5%vlt window tint super limo black. Gilafilms.com. As I mentioned it is not flexible at all!
Trying to get it all done by next weekend!


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I couldn't find the box, if I leave it out my wife puts it where she wants, but I found it.


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