Eric Ardros' Phaser Collection

Eric Ardros

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I was inspired after seeing a similar thread on another forum, so decided to post my own ever-growing phaser collection :) It consists of pieces from TOS all the way through to VOY, and although most aren't yet finished, I figured I'd show them together all the same. I broke the pics down by era, and also by manufacturer:

Phaser Collection -- Pic 01 (TOS group shot)

Phaser Collection -- Pic 02 (Rshanko V2, Rshanko V3, Rshanko V2)
Phaser Collection -- Pic 03 (accurized Grey/Black 23C, accurized B&W 23C, Phaserfetish mid-grade)
Phaser Collection -- Pic 04 (ST:TE Water Pistol meant to be a faux MR, CaptJTK B&W Crapazoid, CaptJTK Grey/Bronze Crapazoid)

Phaser Collection -- Pic 05 (TMP Phaser, ST:III Phaser, ST:VI Assault Phaser (deluxe kit))

Phaser Collection -- Pic 06 (TNG Cobrahead Phasers, DS9/VOY Boomerang Phasers, FC Cricket Phaser, TNG Cricket Phasers)

Phaser Collection -- Pic 07 (alien weapons; TOS Klingon Disruptor & TNG Romulan Disruptor)

Anyway, that's my modest Phaser collection at present. Would really like to start adding some of the Phaser Rifles, but we'll see how that goes. Though I don't have many, I was thinking of maybe posting my Tricorder collection next :cool

Eric Ardros

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Thanks, fellas! It's not nearly as impressive as others' Phaser collections, but for myself I'm pleased with what I've got so far. The great thing is I've managed to reacquire most of the pieces I'd had to sell off in the last few years (ie. ST:III, ST:VI, DS9/VOY) to make ends meet, so this part of my collection is pretty much right back to where it was at its high point :) Now I just need to put some future funds aside so I can grab up some Phaser Rifles to go with the rest, lol.

EDIT: I just received a machined aluminum beam emitter for the ST:III Phaser. Never seen one like it before. Will make a nice accent to the build, imho.
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