Limited Run Emergency sale!!! *** 33% OFF *** ALL MY PARTS!!!

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PM for complete list of prices if you don't see the part you need here.
DSCF9764.JPG DSCF9765.JPG reye.jpg DSCF9769.JPG leye.jpg DSCF9777.JPG nose.jpg DSCF9767.JPG DSCF9776.JPG DSCF9770.JPG DSCF9774.JPGDSCF9768.JPG DSCF9768.JPG
Would prefer fingers & toes be sold as a set, but will consider breaking them up (no extra charge for toe-jam).
Each part only $10,000 (less 33% discount). Purchase several parts to save on shipping!! Please let me know if you have any questions.

APRIL'S FOOL!!! There really is NO 33% DISCOUNT!!! :lol :lol :lol
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Neck on hold for @tripoli Though I haven't had any surgeries on it, you may still regret it. :sick

I'm willing to work with payments and trades, @kursosawa . As for NEW... well, I may have to offer a discount. :darnkids

Torso is available @Dungeonstone !!! FREE spare tire included!!

That's real hair, @Capn_Jack_Savvy!! Not original, but REAL :lol

@dbalschi please send PayPal as GIFT or include PayPal fees... I'll box it up!!! :eek
Well, really, I just need the vertebrae and disc c2 through C-5. We can flesh out the rest in negotiations. I can trade some bulging disc, some really cool metal work and a solid piece of fused hip bone (kind of in disrepair right now but your good with such stuff) plus a bit extra of course. But if your noting what you have is a risk, well, dealing with that now so in that case, I may have to just drop the deal.

If kursosawa also drop out on the back, I am looking possibly for a mint/excellent condition L-4 disc.
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