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Ok guys I got one for you..How do you people that make sci fi prop guns make the embossed text in them (manufacturer serial numbers and such)
I'm working on a version of this gun from scratch (gonna use PVC for the round tub bits) and want to add the text but am not sure how.

Any tips??
Thanks in advance


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Those examples look to be stamped rather than embossed. Embossed text stands proud of the surface.


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If in plastic? Dremel and a very steady hand :)
If your base material is metal, then you use a set of stamping dies, and simply hammer the text in one letter at a time.
That's the low-tech route, of course... You could have it laser engraved.

If you have a key-cutting shop nearby, they could probably help you out.


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Well, if you're doing this in plastic, you have a few choices:

1)You could find a laser engraver (there may be one or two on this board).

2)You can try a dremel with an engraving point on it.

3)Get a small stamping set, heat the individual letters, burn them into the plastic and sand away the excess

Option 1 will give you the most professional results but will be the most expensive option.

Option 2 requires a very sturdy hand; a slip at the end means having to do the whole piece over.

Option 3 may be your best bet. Lay down a horizontal guide line so that your letters are all on the same horizontal plane and you should be okay. Practice on a spare piece of PVC to see how far and for how long you'd have to hold the letter to the piece to get the correct depth. When burning, the PVC will squish out of the hole so you'll be left with some raised plastic around each letter. Just scrape it away with an exacto knife and then sand it smooth.

Good luck.



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Thank you guys for the "stamped" text ideas. I very much appreciate the info. Now i at least have some idea of where to start. I just did a quick search for stamping tools that are metal and to stamp one wrod it looks like close to a $1500 layout just to buy the lettering and a holder.
hmmm this will take a lot more though.