Star Trek TOS P1 texture question


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Was there a screen-depicted P1 ever shown with texture? Often replicas + toys are molded to match the communicator and tricorder with a fine haircell. Is this just artistic license?
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The communicators and tricorders were vacuum formed using a plastic called Kydex, which has a hair cell pattern.

The phasers were mostly made from a mold using fiberglass...
The phasers were smooth.
Thanks for the expert feedback guys. Smooth as silk. I’m starting a new scratch-build/ hero-hybrid and wondered if there was a glimpse of one I’d missed ~ now I know.
Well… well then… gosh darn dagnabbit. I guess I already knew this but was really hoping there was some obscure instance of it. I’m a texture guy - what can I say?
Okay, sidearms are typically smooth for obvious operational standards in the field so that makes sense - check. Handheld communication and computing devices would have some texture for ergonomics and ease of handling. Another check.
A textured P1 is still on my bucket list as I am often disruptive and contrary lol. Maybe a “battle worn” version where a fine hair cell has worn down in areas to underlying gunmetal? Ideas, ideas for the future ~

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