silicone advice!

  1. LaurelsLegacy

    At the cross roads for space cat mask sculpt

    Well then, here we go, first major Sculpt! My education is limited but this is one of those sculpts I don't want to mess up. I've got the absolute base of my sculpt done and before I add in my skin texture and wrinkles, I see two paths before me: 1: Make the lower lip and chin into a second...
  2. G

    [Beginner] Creating a silicone bust with large protrusions?

    Hi! I have made a design that I would like to make a silicone mask out of (see picture below). Since I will apply the mask on myself without anyone's help I would like to do a full bust. I still have to sculpt the clay onto my life cast, and some problem areas like the nose, eyes, and mouth...
  3. Reaver

    Need info on cast molding please.

    Hey all hope you're all well. I'm trying SMOOTH-ON a two part Silicon rubber for the first time. Everything went well and I thought I had enough but as it turns out I was a bit short. I was not able to complete the mold and have about an inch or so undone. Can I add more at a later time, say...