1. Kekkuda

    Sealing PAX Paint on a Latex Mask?

    Hey, so I'm short on time and currently my only option to paint a latex mask is to use pax paint. I haven't seen anyone mention how to seal it though, other than to apply cornstarch/baby powder to the outside in a similar fashion to how you would powder the inside after a casting. What I'm...
  2. Silesky

    T-800 face mask

    Hello! I just want to share with you this mask modification I made. -First I sculpted a lower skull face mask for a customer. -Then I casted a blank copy to modify it. -I used epoxy putty, a couple of chopsticks and a lot of cutting, pasting dremelling and sanding to reshape it. -And...
  3. mechanical plan

    Mold Release Options

    So I'm halfway through a two part plaster mold. I've never made a two part before and I was going to use spray silicone as a release between layers. Starting to second guess myself now. Any advice on the if that will work? Probably something I should have tested or considered before this stage...
  4. Orion101


    Hello all! I have recently seen a couple pics of this older work by DANIEL BRAVO: PREDATOR 2 LATEX MASK (CLOSED MOUTH). I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with acquiring one or if you know anyone who is interested in selling. I am open to RAW CASTS as well as FINISHED ones. I...
  5. AllyBP

    Arrowverse cosplay

    Hi guys. I'm always making DIY videos about my cosplays, specially the Arrowverse ones, and I posted some on my Instagram. Here are the links of it, showing what fabrics and materials I used and how I did them: (I'm from Brazil but it has english subs) Supergirl season 5 suit (I'll make a new...
  6. Orion101

    Halloween 5 GROUND-UP SCULPT Michael Myers Sculpture Timelapse Documentary

    HELLO EVERYONE!!! I have loved this community for so long and now I am so excited to finally be sharing something of my OWN! This is my very first post here concerning a PERSONAL PROJECT of mine that has finally come into fruition :D This is a DOCUMENTARY SERIES featuring a Timelapse of me...
  7. BlackMirageST

    Eric Draven, Tragedy mask Replica (The Crow)

    Hi there ! I'm a big fan of the crow with Brandon Lee. I worked on the tragdy mask replica that you can see in Draven's room during his trensformation. Made of solid resin ^^.
  8. R

    The Order (2019 tv series) Mask

    Looking to buy mask from this tv series - Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. Has anyone started a run or offering these? Thanks RS
  9. Nick Anzalone

    Latex Mask Repair?

    Hey experts, I have read through some of the threads on here about repairing rips, or rot in latex masks. My question is, once that's done won't the latex just continue to rot and begin tear in other spots? I have these two original MMFX guys about 10 years and they are finally starting to...