Dr who tardis shard-Finished

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Since the one coat of paint is drying I thought I'd start this thread and add pics tonight or tomorrow. I started out with a casting of the shard from Pete SSS' run. This things was beautiful and needed absolutely no work to clean it up. I washed it, let it soak as i forgot about it, in mild dish soap and water for a few hours and let it air dry after toweling it down. Somehow in the ten minutes between taking it down to paint and painting it some dust got to it but it's not that noticeable. I had no clue what to paint it so I went with Testors gloss medium blue and let it dry for about a week to be sure.
I've never had anything paint so nicely, it was scary, and then today I started with a dry brushing of black on the wood parts to simulate the scorching. For this I used some black craft paint from walmart and it looks really good and it has a slightly rough texture I guess you could call it that feels like soot on the shard. This dried really quickly but I soon found out that the white paint of this type just wasn't going to cut it so I masked off the part I already did, i can always recoat it in black, and sprayed a fast pass of walmart's generic white rattle can paint. Once again I'm rather shocked at how nicely the paint went on though if it were to orange peel or something i wouldn't mind as it would look like crumbled paper. Hopefully by tomorrow i'll have the letters and scorched paper look applied.



After seeing the pics I need to add some more black soot, i might add in a bit of brown too.
Thanks to Pete for giving me tips on painting the letters. I should have gotten ahold of him first. I ended up messing up royally and having to mask off an area and repainting the letters. I'm not happy by the dry brushing on the white so i may go over it with some water to make it fainter since it's water based craft paint. Dad'll be happy with it anyhow. Overall i think it looks pretty good.
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Re: Dr who tardis shard-pics added

I have to do some touching up around the letters but for that i can use some cheap white paint. I wish my action figure customs dry brushed as nicely as this thing did.
Re: Dr who tardis shard-pics added

Hopefully my dad's not around tomorrow so i can paint it while working in the living room, then again he never pays attention to stuff like this. He walked past one of his gifts in the basement for 2 months and never realized it was for him lol. The lettering is proving to be a real pain in the butt and the blackened parts of the white areas didn't turn out as good as i'd planned but without an air brush i don't think i could get them much better.

Well i royally screwed up the lettering. I had to respray the white. It's nearly impossible for me to do the sides of the letters without messing up. worse comes to worse i'll soak the thing in power purple and repaint from scratch.
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Re: Dr who tardis shard-new pics added 12-10-11

I think it's about as good as it's gonna get. I'll have to get a picture of it after christmas with all the other stuff I got. The Doctor will have taken over the mantle in the living room.
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