Disney wants more 'Star Wars' in its theme parks


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The thing is, I think that for every fan like you that dislikes the ST, there's a lot of others who are at the least indifferent to it or actually like it as much as the OT. Also, to a lot of kids, the ST is Star Wars to them just as the OT is Star Wars to older fans, and the PT is to those who grew up with the PT. So, from a business perspective, promoting the ST makes a lot of sense because you're appealing to a lot of kids and while they don't have much money themselves, their parents might and there are plenty of parents out there who would gladly fork out the money for this fake cruise because their little Johnny and/or Jenny wants to go it, badly. Dollars to donuts they're banking on families more than single adults or married adults with no kids. They're also clearly banking on families with deep pockets, forget us peons who live on a budget or just don't see spending that kind of money on a fake cruise when you can spend the same amount of money, or less, and go on a real cruise that lasts days longer to boot.
Exactly this. I'm a fairly active 501st/Rebel Legion member, managing to get out an do on average an event a month, so, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the general public and general fan perspective on Star Wars, and I can tell you with certainty that for as much doom and gloom and anger and bile espoused on forums like this and on Social Media platforms, the Sequel Trilogy and it's Characters are very much loved and very much cemented as not just Star Wars, but the Future of Star Wars. I have done multiple events that have Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Leia and other popular OT characters, but if there is a Kylo or a Rey there the kids will run right past these giants of the OT to get their pictures with those two and hug them. At this point the only characters that can outshine a Kylo and a Rey at an event are R2 and Chewie or a Scout if you a Baby Yoda in a bag, and then they just care about Grogu not actually the Scout.

The ST is Star Wars to this next generation of Fans, and they love the heck out of it. You just might not know it because they are, well, kids, and they aren't on Social Media blasting their opinions constantly as if they were facts, but, give it a few years and I'm sure they will be. That's what happened with the PT. When it came out all the "Adult" fans blasted it, rolled their eyes, and filled the internet with their disgust of it. There were some who appreciated and liked them, but the general tone of the internet was that they were an extreme minority. Now we are seeing those kids that grew up with the PT have an established voice online and in Social Media and suddenly it feels like there has been a tonal shift and a retcon to this idea that the PT was always beloved, and in a sense to that generation it was always beloved as it was their Star Wars growing up and now that they have a voice and a presence their opinion ion has been pushed out and kind of accepted as the default at this point.

So, yeah, if you only spend your time on the RPF and in certain corners of Social Media, you might buy into the hyperbolic statements like "No one cares about the ST or its Characters," but as someone who gets out there and does Star Wars stuff with the public, and who has a young nephew and niece, I can assure, there is nothing further from the truth.
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