Detail differences between ANh & ESB TIEs?

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by bobbyfett, Oct 29, 2005.

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    Hey all,
    Hope I don't get blasted for asking this, but are there any significant differences in the detailing between the ANH and ESB TIE Fighters? Something besides the color that would give it away?
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    I'm no expert, but as far as I know the only difference is the color. There is at least one TIE fighter model I have seen which has hollowed-out cannon muzzles (like those on the Interceptor) rather than the orange emitters, but I think that was a ROTJ model.
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    Color for one. Some other differences are the way the wings are built. If you notice on ANH version the H Beam that trims the wings stop at the wing strut tips (stars) and no other detail is added.

    On a ESB TIE the H beam basicly starts where the wing tips (stars) end and the seem is trimmed by u channel to hide the joint where the screen material meets the outer wing. they even paint the u channel to like like a continuation of the wing stars.

    Also there is a TIE on display in Boston that has a ROTJ TIE interceptor body but Standard TIE wings. The grey markings on the upper front, black canopy frame and chopped down guns are only seen with the ROTJ Interceptor but yet here it one with ESB wings. I have no idea of whats going on. There is a impact on the hull (upper left) that may have broken the wigs of the interceptor in a fall or something but i have never in my years of looking seen this configuration.

    my 2 cents



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