Question Delay in Posts or Private Messages? (answered)

Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by Zorger, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Zorger

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    Hey guys,

    Real newbie here so let me apologize if I'm asking a stupid question - is there a possible delay when posting or sending a private message?

    I ask because my first-ever post (at Replica Prop forum's "introduce-yourselves" thread) didn't appear until one or two days after I clicked "Submit Reply".

    And now, when another Finnish member here sent me a private message, I tried to reply but none of my replies show up in my "Sent Items" folder (it shows "0 Messages").

    Or is it possible I'm experiencing a technical problem in my browser (I'm using Google Chrome)? In which case, maybe I should try with another browser.

  2. Montagar

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    Searching the Question and Suggestions forum will usually lead you to your answers. :)

  3. Zorger

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    Thanks for the help - I have now successfully configured my sent folder to save sent messages.

    Looks like for possible future technical problems searching the forums more extensively will quite likely yield an answer.

    Thanks Montagar and RPF staff!

    Best Regards,

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