Default 1/48 22" Eagle Officially Announced at WonderFest 2015


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Default 1/48 22" Eagle Officially Announced at WonderFest 2015

Officially Announced at WonderFest 2015 Round2 Models will release a 1/48 scale 22" Eagle Transporter and a deluxe add on kit with aluminum engine bells and oleo struts! Working landing gear, removable passenger pod, clear plexiglass on both the CM and PP! Highly detailed this thing is Fantastic! Take a look at the photo's and see for yourself! This is the prototype, the kit will be styrene!


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Here are the distributers taking pre-orders at this time. If you see one that I don't have let me know and we will add it to the list!

USA Distributers

1. Hobbylinc

2. Tower Hobbies

3. Culttvman

4. Mega Hobby

5. Timeless Hobbies





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Yeah, can't wait for this to come out, have one pre-ordered all ready. Saw it in person as well and it's going to be a beauty of a kit.
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