Dead Space - My first costume and prop attempt


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Hey all! I have been a lurker for over a year after being pointed to The RPF by a number of panels at Emerald City Comic Con. I saw a lot of awesome cosplay and wanted to try my hand at it. After all, if someone else can do it, so can I right? I knew I wanted to do an original Dead Space engineer suit so I hit the web for pictures and saw Steven K. Smith's tier 3 suit. That lit a fire under my rear. So, here we are. I took inspiration from his and made it my own. I have been putting in a lot of time over the last month or so and here is what I have so far.

20150424_101608.jpg 2015-03-30 18.40.18.jpg 20150403_172330.jpg 20150411_145331.jpg 20150411_175840.jpg

I started thinking about the plasma cutter and after talking to Bill Doran (Punished Props), I wanted to try to make it out of foam. I found a good reference picture, drew a template, and started cutting foam and styrene.
dead-space-plasma-cutter-2.jpg 20150415_211800.jpg FB_IMG_1429163006585.jpg 20150423_152517.jpg


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Steven! I hope my build does you proud. Your engineer suit is still my favorite thing you have built. By no means nothing against your amazing Psycho, Destiny Hunter and Dragon Age builds. Its just that your Dead Space build blew me away. We met in Seattle at ECCC ( I was Silent Bob).

I appreciate the open invitation to pick your brain. I definitely will be asking a handful of specific questions when it comes to attaching the back rig to the under suit. I got a lot done in the last couple of days but the devil is in the details. I believe that the paint job is going to make or break this whole costume.

Here is the latest.

Everything built so far was plasti-dipped yesterday so it got primed and a base coat of paint today



While the paint was drying, I made the left wrist piece


The base coats are dry on the pieces done today and I start my work week tomorrow. Cant wait until next weekend!



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:) my work week is short! I work four 10's so I will be back at it Wednesday night. Guaranteed! But who knows, I will likely dabble in the garage after work.

- - - Updated - - -

Thank you!


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Lol. I must admit that I have been working in the shop after I got home from work for the last two days, but sadly not on Isaac. I had to do some much needed organizing. I built some rock solid shelves to give me more space to work on fun things. I promise that I will be back at it tomorrow night!


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Yesterday was full of distractions and setbacks. Snapped a blade on the band saw, ran out of hammered metal paint and primer, a buddy stopped by to drink beer, and then I went to watch The Avengers: Age of Ultron. I did get a couple of base coats of paint on things and started in on the boots. I bought a pair of crocs to start with. Thankfully, in the original Dead Space the boots were fairly simple and plain.



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Wow! THis build looks so good. Can't wait to see where this goes. extremely impressed with how clean everything is looking. Great work!



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I'm stoked. I went to Joann fabric today and found a perfect substitute for the leather under suit. I planned on using vinyl until I saw how much it was a yard.:( I got kinda bummed and started looking all through the fabric. The thought of spending $47 a yard wasn't sitting well with me. When I was about to cave in and buy it, my wife found a perfect brown leather looking suede that will work great! Also, after talking to Steven K. Smith (SKS Props) at Emerald City Comic Con he said that his Isaac was retired. Also, he said one reason was because it was so stinking hot to wear. I am hoping this light weight suede will help with that.

On a side note, I did get the boots made. They still need BATTLE DAMAGE, but they are done enough for tonight.



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wow man, great job again. are you just using web and game photo's for this build? (y)cheers

Thank you. Yes. I am trying to keep it close to the game. It will definitely not be close to exact replica because my skill level is as beginner as beginner gets. I am also using Captain Hask's instructables for reference as well. I am using the paints he suggested verbatim. I took a little artistic liberty with the chest piece because I wanted to put LED's in there and wanted to hide the battery pack in that portion.

The Plasma cutter was a combo of game footage, and detailed picture of a replica. Also, I have the collectors edition of the original Dead Space that came with a mini replica of the plasma cutter.
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