Dawn Of Justice armored Batman


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Thanks for files dude. But I need some help...

None of these are unfolded for foam are they ? - I am very new to Pepakura and foam costuming but I think the helmet would have some issues ( particular;y with the ears) if you tried to make it from foam.

Please correct me if I am wrong as I don't want to spoil the fun or your hard work!!
Yes the files are for paper. I have used the same files to make my armor in foam however i would adapt the templates as i worked. haven't made the helmet yet though.


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bring on the foam files southpaw lol also thanks for the helmet files kadzaneon cant wait to get the arms and legs


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That's some good work with those files, can't wait for some saint to unfold for foam. Either way, good job. :thumbsup


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these are awesome. they look simple enough to convert to foam. any update on the legs???

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ill convert them to foam if thats ok