Dawn Of Justice armored Batman


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I opened the pepakura files and there are a bunch of pieces off to the side not on set up pages, what are those for? are those important at all? Mostly for the helmet, there seem to be pieces for around the eyes and such that are out in those pieces, should i just print as is or should i be adding those pieces to pages to print? Thanks for any help, all these put together armor pieces look amazing!


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image.jpegParty is tomorrow night still need to paint it and finish belt and legs but almost have a whole leg done in about an hour. I passed an Ace hardware going out of business everything 80%off got a heat gun, dreamed tool, blow torch, sander **** ton of foam. And all my paint. Such a score


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Does anyone have working links to these parts? I just want the arm parts to make a cyborg costume. This is the only one I've seen with the hinged elbow detail I like. $60 for the whole suit is nice but just for the arm is a bit much.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I can't seem to find a valid link for the suit files anymore. Would anyone be willing to share? I'd greatly appreciate it.