Darth Vader 3D puzzle. How can I replicate it?


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I use to have a 3D Star Wars Darth Vader bust that was given to me and I had to assemble. I don’t remember who made it. I would like to recreate that but using my face instead. I have a highly detailed scan of myself but can not figure out how to get that to translate to cardboard to cut out and...


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You need to also ensure your 3D model has some sort of keyed post or set of dowels going up the middle for assembly.

Then you need a slicer program. Autodesk has one that works just for cardboard or other materials. (Note I have never used it, I just know it exists) You need to determine your slicing material and exact thickness you will be using to make the parts come out right.

Once you have the 2D profiles from the slice program, you can get those laser cut from cardboard or some other material.

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