3d modelling

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  1. Sandman0077

    Trigun Revolver - TV/Manga/Movie Versions [UPDATED 06 Sept 2019]

    EDIT: This thread will now be a merge of all three versions of Vash's revolver. I don't see any reason to make three different threads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  2. coffeehedake

    Jurassic Park - Federal Signal 191X (Mini)

    Hey everyone. I figured this would be a good place to post the progress of my Federal Signal 191X Replica, from the electrified fences in Jurassic Park. I'm miniaturizing these to adorn the top of some portable stanchions, to create a barrier around my motorpool Jeep. (JP58) When the 3D...
  3. squibs

    Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team SMG

    Hello been a while, I decided to start working on a new project. This time a weapon from Cyberpunk2077, I am 3d modelling and I will be printing it out I thought this gun looked cool although how it could even function is beyond me. I really only had the side profile to go off of but I...
  4. matherton

    Rick and Morty freeze ray

    Not long ago I completed a freeze ray for a friend, I was in a rush and only had a day to complete it so didn't document the process or think to post it here but I remembered! I found the model on Thingiverse by Ramon Angosto, remixed by Nevaar. I scaled it up and printed it in PLA, sanded and...
  5. Martinc

    Darth Vader 3D puzzle. How can I replicate it?

    I use to have a 3D Star Wars Darth Vader bust that was given to me and I had to assemble. I don’t remember who made it. I would like to recreate that but using my face instead. I have a highly detailed scan of myself but can not figure out how to get that to translate to cardboard to cut out and...
  6. NuadaDesigns

    Adam Savage's first BladeRunner Blaster. Pic Heavy (Nearly done)

    After watching the video on Adam Savage's Blade Runner Blaster Obsession, for the 50th time, I decided to have a go at trying to replicate the very first blaster that he made, back in the day. Even though he was going for a PKD replica, I think the design he ended up with was pretty sweet and i...
  7. SadNarwhal

    Hector's Hammer from the Netflix Castlevania Series

    When I was watching the Netflix Castlevania series, I thought that it would be cool to make Hector's hammer. I designed everything in Fusion 360, 3D printed the pieces, and hand painted the whole thing with craft acrylics. I have a few links below to an album of pictures and an article I wrote...
  8. FlyCatcher

    Want to Buy Wanted: custom character mask 3D model/resin

    Hello to all of the 3D modelers and resin-crafters out there. I would like to ask if any of you were open to making me a custom white resin mask. It's an extremely simple design, fairly similar to the masks worn by those kids in nightmare before Christmas or the cat mast worn by Zacharie from...
  9. TomRM

    Darth Revan 3D printed helmet

    Hey all, I've finally got to making my first prop. It's going to be a personal take on Revan's mask. Now, for Revan it always made more sense to me that it'd be a helmet instead of a mask, as he took it of a mandalorian with a jetpack, I think you'd want full protection all the way around...
  10. Nm1cciola

    BATMAN DIOARAMA 3D STL files modeling help

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but, I've recently purchased these STL. files for LINK. I've looked for a long time a 1/8 scale kit or near 1/8 scale kit diorama piece for my 1/8 scale batman horizon kits and I believe I found it in this 3D print. I've never delved into the...
  11. VariablePenguin

    The Golden Gun from James Bond 3D Printed

    This is a 3D printed replica of the Golden Gun from The Man with the Golden Gun starring Roger Moore and Sir Christopher Lee. I modeled it in Fusion 360, printed on my QidiTech X-One in PLA, sanded and painted with rattle can Rusoleum Bright Gold. Then I mounted it in a shadowbox to give to my...
  12. Crafter

    How do you accurately measure an airsoft gun?

    Hello fellow builders, I'm currently working on a project where I want to build a prop gun around an existing airsoft gun to have it shoot BBs once finished. There are no detailed blueprints of the toy around and I already checked if the airsoft variant got the same dimensions as the original...

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