1. goodparts

    Hand made transformers 3 soundwave

    So this guy was a little more difficult to make something about his design was very hard to get this close but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out
  2. goodparts

    Hand made model of megatron

    I made this replica of the transformers 2 megatron out of cardboard paper glue and more
  3. goodparts

    Replica prop of the modern warfare desert eagle out of cardboard

    I made this prop after playing the modern warfare game and it's made of cardboard wood springs and different types of glue
  4. goodparts

    Replica prop of t-800 terminator

    I've made a full jointed movable terminator out of cardboard wood many different glue types and more. Its around 4 feet tall every piston in it works and weighs about 30 to 50 pounds
  5. supermansteel

    I need help creating a replica of the Rebel pilot helmet for the X-Wing ship. ANH (1977)

    Hello community of the RPF forum, I need help with a pattern to create the cardboard helmet of the rebel pilot of the X-Wing ship from the movie Star Wars: A New Hope (1977). As well as reference images and their real measurements since I cannot find data to create my helmet as close as possible...
  6. H

    Cardboard G1 Ratchet

    Hey all! Haven't been on the forums in a very long time, but I'm making a 43" tall cardboard Ratchet in the G1 style, and thought I'd share some of my progress with it! I briefly was taken with the idea of a Kickstarter for a fan-film remake of the 1986 Transformers movie, but with cardboard...
  7. Dipper04

    Zathura Replica V3

    well, here it is, my version 3 zathura replica. i had put this up for sale on a facebook group but it sold within about 10 minutes. I am really happy with how this turned out, so hopefully i can maybe make v4 full scale and have some working functions.
  8. SonOfFatman

    Cardboard Phase 2 Clone Trooper build,lowest budget challenge.

    Hello dear ladies and gentlemen fans of the Star Wars universe, this is my first thread, which will contain my hopefully-not-a-lifetime-long journey of making my own clone trooper armor. Behold! I'm gonna use the cheapest materials/tools possible to challenge myself a little bit and see if I can...
  9. DeadfishComics

    Robocop low budget cosplay

    I was inspired by CBGIRL19's cardboard Robocop suit on Youtube, I'm building my suit with cardboard, I had no templates and just eyeballing it! I do plan on going over the cardboard with paper mache and plastidip and finally the pearleceant paints.
  10. Martinc

    Darth Vader 3D puzzle. How can I replicate it?

    I use to have a 3D Star Wars Darth Vader bust that was given to me and I had to assemble. I don’t remember who made it. I would like to recreate that but using my face instead. I have a highly detailed scan of myself but can not figure out how to get that to translate to cardboard to cut out and...
  11. S

    Where to get custom cardboard box Low Quantity Europe/Norway

    Hey, I'm new here but i thought i would just go to where seems the best place for this. I wonder if there is a website where i can buy a custom made cardboard box which ships to Norway and is reasonable priced. I found a couple sites but they were US only or high quantity only. If it helps, my...
  12. Kid Master Chief

    Kid Master Chief

    attempt #2 to upload