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  1. H

    Cardboard G1 Ratchet

    Hey all! Haven't been on the forums in a very long time, but I'm making a 43" tall cardboard Ratchet in the G1 style, and thought I'd share some of my progress with it! I briefly was taken with the idea of a Kickstarter for a fan-film remake of the 1986 Transformers movie, but with cardboard...
  2. Dipper04

    Zathura Replica V3

    well, here it is, my version 3 zathura replica. i had put this up for sale on a facebook group but it sold within about 10 minutes. I am really happy with how this turned out, so hopefully i can maybe make v4 full scale and have some working functions.
  3. SonOfFatman

    Cardboard Phase 2 Clone Trooper build,lowest budget challenge.

    Hello dear ladies and gentlemen fans of the Star Wars universe, this is my first thread, which will contain my hopefully-not-a-lifetime-long journey of making my own clone trooper armor. Behold! I'm gonna use the cheapest materials/tools possible to challenge myself a little bit and see if I can...
  4. DeadfishComics

    Robocop low budget cosplay

    I was inspired by CBGIRL19's cardboard Robocop suit on Youtube, I'm building my suit with cardboard, I had no templates and just eyeballing it! I do plan on going over the cardboard with paper mache and plastidip and finally the pearleceant paints.
  5. Martinc

    Darth Vader 3D puzzle. How can I replicate it?

    I use to have a 3D Star Wars Darth Vader bust that was given to me and I had to assemble. I don’t remember who made it. I would like to recreate that but using my face instead. I have a highly detailed scan of myself but can not figure out how to get that to translate to cardboard to cut out and...
  6. S

    Where to get custom cardboard box Low Quantity Europe/Norway

    Hey, I'm new here but i thought i would just go to where seems the best place for this. I wonder if there is a website where i can buy a custom made cardboard box which ships to Norway and is reasonable priced. I found a couple sites but they were US only or high quantity only. If it helps, my...
  7. Kid Master Chief

    Kid Master Chief

    attempt #2 to upload

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