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Hi guys!

You may remember a while back I was on this board asking after the long-lost official vinyl replica mask from the 2003 DAREDEVIL film. Well, after giving up hope on getting that, I was pleased to discover that Marvel have started selling these officially licensed Daredevil morphsuits:


I bought one, figuring I could use it as a base on top of which I could add my own boots, belt and leg holster. It arrived in the post today, and my first step in customising it was to carefully cut out the flesh-coloured spandex covering where the face opening would normally be in Daredevil's costume. I cut this out no problem, the face part of the suit didn't lose its shape or stretchiness. But the problem comes when then trying to wear the suit.

I put the suit on, and the cowl sits perfectly... for about 20 seconds. Then it starts to slide up my face, over my eyes, before finally pinging off.

So, my question to you costume experts is, do you have any tips for overcoming this problem? Any ways to help the mask maintain its position on my face?
Spirit gum might be an quick fix. For something stronger / more sturdy, you might attach a half-face mask with a strap beneath the daredevil cowl, similar to how many use a face shell with Spidey suits.
I cosplay Spidey, but I never use a shell. I believe many permanently attach them, but I'm not sure what type of adhesive they use, so maybe somebody else will chime in.
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