My Daredevil, s2 Costume

AZ Groot

I just received the (almost) final piece, the cowl, in the mail today. I need to get a pair of boots but am otherwise done from my perspective. The suit is from White Sheep Leather, the cowl and the sticks were purchased on Etsy. The WSL suit came with a thigh stick holster but I need to adjust the velcro sizing on it. I used a regular balaclava and not the one from WSL in these photos as the WSL one is quite heavy and a bit tight fitting.

I'm looking forward to wearing this at a Comicon.



Since you are doing the s2 look (judging by the v2 cowl I’d recommend removing the arm and shin guards once you get some boots as the v2 version of the suit doesn’t have them other than that looks great

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