Custom zipper pulls?


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Hello RPFers,
I have been toying with the idea of modifying a black Tenba photographic messenger bag to make it look like it belongs on Battlestar Galactica. No reproduction of a specific item, just trying to make it look like it fits there.

I am planning to rip the Tenba logo and replace it with a Galactica round patch in grey and black,, that will look quite good. I added some custom-made cubits in one pocket, as well as a few Moleskine squared pencils, they look like a riff on the "no round corners" theme :)

Now I have a problem: the bag has three Tenba-branded zipper pulls that really do not match the theme... I have a few medals, rank pins (keychain sized) and Kara Thrace dogtags that could be base material. Does anyone have a pointer to some guide/HOWTO covering how to build your own zipper pulls? Does anyone have a vendor that makes custom zipper pulls, in small numbers? How do you design a mold for such things? And if having things molded is no option, how does one replace a current pull with a properly drilled dogtag?

Thanks for any help!

Best -F
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