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Hey everybody!

I am an assistant based out of Los Angeles, who has been charged with creating a moving Demogorgon costume for a producer's son. I put a reference video at the bottom of this post. My boss reached out to the original artist directly, but he isn't commissioning any work for the rest of the year. I honestly don't have a ton of experience in this field and was told to post on the RPF after finding it difficult to find a company that could create exactly what I was looking for. The family hasn't yet decided on a budget, but it seems as if they are basically willing to spend whatever it takes to ensure the project gets completed. I am not quite sure what materials would work best as they want the Demogorgon's mouth to be able to open and close similar to the son is approximately nine years old and is 4'0" and 80 pounds. They would need a finished product by Oct. 1. If anyone has any general advice or fellow cosplayers/companies they could put me in contact with to carry out the project, it would be EXTREMELY appreciated! If you guys need any other information to help me out, just let me know. Thanks for any and all help!!!



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I would recommend Instagram fan pages (as well as facebook). It might be time consuming but is worth a try I guess. Eventually a fan will give you some leads to custom prop makers. Just ask! Fans usually help each others.

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