1. Zook4214

    First Spider-Man Suit Build

    Hey WebHeads! Ever since I started cosplaying as Spider-Man I have wanted to make a suit by hand. Then about a month ago I finished reading Ultimate Spider-Man. It was really good and I decided to design a suit that I am going to start working on it once all of the materials for this build get...
  2. Kagemarou

    Female Predator Statue - Artist search

    Good evening All! Thank you for welcoming me to your page! My Partner and I are planning on joining the world of Predator cosplayers, and we are looking for the artist who designed this statue. Reason being, we would like to base one of our kits on it and would like to credit them when we post...
  3. Ciara Hagen

    Infinity War Iron Man Genderbend

    Here's my Infinity War Iron Man suit genderbend. I decided to add LEDs to the wing parts just for extra detail because I love working with LEDs haha.