Cobra Predator - Predator Costume updated 2/10/2012

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Hello everyone,

have lurking on here for a couple of months now, looking in on all your costume threads gathering ideas and looking at new horizons etc and then I though would make a thread of my work. Here is a few snaps of my budget built AVP predator costume. It mounted on a manikin made from anything I could find i.e. cardboard boxes, pipes etc






Thanks all, let me know what you think


Double H
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Re: Aliens Vs Predator - Scar Predator Costume

lol, patience my friend :)

nice work. How much did it end up costing and how long did it take?

Sorry lol

It ended up costing about £150-£200 (and alot of blood, sweat and tears lol) and around about 3-4 month construction time.

Thanks buddy
Re: Aliens Vs Predator - Scar Predator Costume

Now that is VERY cool :) especially for what you paid.
And it looks much better when worn as opposed to being on the mannequin :D
Re: Aliens Vs Predator - Scar Predator Costume

Thanks man, had an awesome time building this. Still gotta tweak it a lil and change a few this i.e. make a latex suit and change the gauntlet blades etc. Will also be sculpting my own mask in the new year. Just making improvements to get more screen accurate lol

Thanks again for the great feedback, it very appreciated.
Re: Aliens Vs Predator - Scar Predator Costume

Hey everyone,

Been along time since I update this thread. My pred suit has now gone under major reconstruction and had a face lift. Everything has been upgrade and made fully by yours truly (excluding the dreads)

I have also turned this custom and it is now called the Cobra Predator


Let me know what you guys think
Thanks to both of you

nice costume .. i like the upgraded one alot better .. the mask is awsome and those dreads are amazing .. but i have to ask were did u get the neck seal? i love how big it is ! also if i were u i would latex the entire body of that suit to make it look more real .. check out my build

The mask was sculpted, moulded and cast by myself as were the feet. The mask was based on a p2 and then went and customized it a tad for an authentic feel. The neck seal I got in a trade at the start of the year.... not sure who the maker is.... I did consider going with a latex suit on this but the day the above pic was taken it was 31 degrees C and I fried in just material. I am considering making a latex torso via the Mr I approach that you have done, but it will be done as a 2 part suit (so torso and legs seperate) but then again I may just sculpt some - eventualy :lol
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