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This will be my first build, looking at CDR Bly, its probably going to take me a long time to build, I already have the helmet and the armor.



I have alot of work ahead of me, I am planning on putting together a regular white EP3 clone ready for Halloween after that I will convert it to CDR Bly, I already ordered the binocs and im already looking at a kama and a shoulder pauldron

A pair of EVO3 Nocs arrived today


Here is a test fitting, I adjusted the chest and back to fit me, I also put padding on the shoulder bells, but by the looks of it, I need to raise the shoulder bells a little, the bicep pieces are way too big, either i need to work out or make them smaller, I think making them smaller would be easier. :)


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Re: Commander Bly Build

yeah the belt im going to buy, the one pictured will take too long to put together
Re: Commander Bly Build

this build is going very slow.
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Re: Commander Bly Build

you can get everything you need at

I also fixed the tube stripes as they were in the wrong place.

Re: Commander Bly Build

I also ordered Steelblitz belt, arm and chest ammo boxes and a commpad
Re: Commander Bly Build

thanks, its alot of work, takes a long time to get it all done, now I know why finished complete armors cost so much
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I have an appreciation for the work... I mean for goodness sake they said to heck with it for the movies and CGI'd the armor... so I wouldn't imagine it's an easy task.
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Just did some test fitting of the shoulders and arms, I have to adjust one of the bicept straps, dont mind the bondo and the elbows still working on the elbow straps.


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got the elastic straps on the hand plates glued, they are ready for painting



Re: Commander Bly Build

Your build looks awesome so far I am currently building Iron man armor and will be completing clone armor next if I can set aside the money .... subscribed
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I'm reading this with great interest as I want to start building a Bly (Phase 2) after the first of the year. Has an official CRL been developed on the 501st site? I see the generic clone guidelines under the Bly CRL, but nothing terribly detailed and helpful specific to Bly himself (unless you count "paint him mustard yellow" a helpful detail...). There *should* be three references now: Ep3, Hasbro 3-3/4" figure, recently released Sideshow 12" and Attackus 1/10 scale. Might be something in the comics, but I've lost track of them. Anything else you know about? Does anyone know of changes in his armor between the Phase 1 version and the Phase 2 version - other than the helmet, of course?
Re: Commander Bly Build

Since my family is not with me and ill be celebrating Thanksgiving by myself I decided to give Bly a liitle life. I still need to weather it.

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