Classic Nickelodeon returns

The 90's is "classic"? Ugh. I was expecting to see the return of You Can't Do That On Television or something. That's classic Nickelodeon.

I remeber the days when Kenan and Kell, The Amanda Show, Hey Arnold, Doug, and Kablam! were the shows to watch. I hope they bring those back. I'll definetly be watching this.
All I really want are

A) Are You Affraid of the Dark?


B) The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Dear god, my adolescent self was in love with Alex Mack.
Born in 75, so I remember Third Eye and You Can't Do That On Television very vividly...

The episodes are apparently available on DVD. They were British miniseries by the name "Into the Labrynth," "Children of Stones," and "Under the Mountain" and were just collected for the US under the name "The Third Eye."

UtM actually had a New Zealand movie remake a few years ago under the same name. It was actually REALLY good. There's an awfully cute redhead in it too. :love
Legends of the Hidden Temple, All That and Rocko's Modern Life were staples for early morning viewing during summer breaks, this was a smart move that was long overdue.
This will be the first time I have watched Nickelodeon in about a decade.

If this is successful, maybe they will back it up to 9 or 10 pm, add more classic shows, and give Adult Swim a run for its money.
I highly doubt that regular programming like this would be as succesful as adult swim. Yes, we all love to embrace our inner child; but except for a few of us with some development issues, we don't want to live like a child all the time.

A nostalgic trip down memory lane is fun every now and then, but I doubt that many people would regularly tune in every night to watch kid's shows.
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