Batman Returns stupid, freaking question!

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Had to save that gif, Love it !
Often I have suffered grievous life-threatening injuries and been brought miraculously back to life by allowing the rabid felines of the streets to chew on my fingertips followed by me tossing kitty litter into my mouth. It’s really quite “everyday” and normal.

Haven’t the rest of you?
Sounds like you live a perilous life. o_O It's fortunate you have such good luck.

I always assumed it was magic with her brought back to life.

The coming back with just brain damage works too but it doesnt explain to me how she survived 8 near-death experiences, the most shocking of which is the gun shocks and the electric shock kiss of death at the end. Even if some of the shots didnt hit vital part, the shock at the end seems pretty fatal but Selina might be innately more resilient.
When she hit the ground, I think the cats helped her cross over into the ***BOOMING VOICE*** Cat Stereotype World.

It wasn't just drain bamage, because she gained those amazing abilities and alot more health.

Remember, it is a movie.

If Uma Thurman can get shot in the head in Kill Bill, get paralyzed, then have a conversation with her legs, and start walking again, Michelle can plummet like a sheep and come out with increased Dex, Str, Body and Con.

...woulda NEVER happened to Doc Savage
The bites cats were licking the tuna fish sandwich remnants that she'd had for lunch, prior to her fall, out of her teeth. That would freak anyone out if they awoke to it!
The wife and I watched Batman Returns for like the 20th time (over 20 years) and we revisited it tonight.
My question: Did Selena DIE when Max pushed her out the window and the bitey cats magically brought her back to life? OR was she unconscious and woke up with brain damage that caused her to “transform”?

I‘m only posting this as the wife and I disagree and we have agreed to go with the RPFs decision.
So, what say you?
I think the scriptwriters had brain damage when they wrote that part.

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